The Question of a Lifetime


          What have you done with the life I gave you?


Have you ever read about a Near Death Experience, also known as NDE?

Its when someone dies and goes to Heaven and returns to tell their story. I have always been fascinated with this subject and over the last few years, I have read hundreds of stories online and read a few books about NDE’s. Youtube is filled with hours of people telling their stories.

You can spend your whole life going to church, hearing about heaven and all the great things that await us after our death. But to listen to someone who has actually been there and experienced the love of heaven is absolutely amazing to me.

How is it, in the age we live in, millions of people still don’t believe in God and the afterlife? With access to the internet and the ability to download a book in seconds at places like “Amazon Books,” there is no reason not to read a few stories about NDE’s.

If an Atheist or Agnostic read a few of these and don’t change their view, he or she has a few screws loose! Better yet, they should read the NDE’s when a person went to hell and what they experienced. Trust me, it’s not pleasant.

The naysayers and scientist use the excuse that it’s just something the brain goes through in the dying process. I say these lunatics don’t have a clue because they haven’t read or refuse to read the hundreds of accounts that I have. I’ll bet I could fill a room full of 100 non-believers and read them the stories that I have read, 99 would become true believers.

What is amazing, is that most people see basically the same thing. They rise above their dead body and see everything going on around their body. One lady who died saw an Aunt outside smoking a cigarette. When she came back from her NDE, she said to her aunt, “I didn’t know you smoked, but I saw you outside smoking when I died.” The Aunt replied, “how did you know? I was on the other side of the hospital hiding so no one would see. The lady replied; I saw you from above.

Almost everyone sees the tunnel with the light at the end, and relatives that have passed on before them. They all talk about the beautiful colors that are indescribable and the overwhelming love that surrounds them. Most don’t want to come back to live on earth again and they get upset when they are told: “it’s not their time and they have to go back.”

One story that sticks in my memory is about Dr. Eben Alexander who died and was being shown around Heaven by a woman he did not know. Later after his NDE, he saw a photo of his sister that died. He had never known of or even seen a photo of her before his NDE.  When he looked at the photo, he realized it was the person he walked with he was in Heaven. 

I can’t repeat all the stories I’ve read as it would take hundreds of pages. You just need to take the time to read some.

A lot of people who have a NDE speak about having a “life review.” For most people, this is where the “rubber hits the road.” It’s a time when you and your creator review the life you’ve lived. Most NDE’s describe this as a movie being played back about each step in your life. It even shows your thoughts at a specific time and place. Some say that they could even feel the mental anguish of the people they have hurt.

Finally, I want to get to the point I’m trying to make in this blog.

Before the life review, the one question that God asks most people is… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE LIFE I GAVE YOU?  Others say he asked WHOM HAVE YOU HELPED? Read that again… What have you done with the life I gave you, and whom have you helped?

Are you prepared to answer that question? Will you be embarrassed? Will you cough and stutter and try to change the subject? Personally, I don’t think he will be too excited when I answer, “I’ve done a lot of hunting and fishing.” Will it impress him when I tell him of all the material things I’ve accumulated and the beautiful farm and home I own? I don’t think so. Will I get a pat on the head when I brag about my classic 67’ Ford pickup? I kinda doubt it.

As for the question… “And whom have I helped?” Will I get a few points when I tell about the times I’ve taken clothes to Goodwill or given money to the church? What about the times I’ve received money from people by mistake and gave it back?

I know I’ll frantically ask him to search for the movie review about the time I found $1,800 dollars in an envelope on a gas pump and tracked down the owner to return it. Don’t forget about the times I gave a little money to complete strangers that were down on their luck.

Do you see a pattern here? Money or old clothes? That was easy for me to do. I never broke a sweat and hardly went out of my way doing those things!

Sadly, I’ll be the first to plead guilty! I’ve helped people when it was easy and convenient for ME. I don’t think many of my good deeds will impress God.

Stop for a moment and reflect back on all the bad and sinful things you have done in your life. Now, picture God standing with you watching these things happen. How do you feel? The hard fact is; if we all took the good deeds we’ve done in our lives and compared them to the shameful things that will show up in our life review, no doubt we would hang our heads in shame!

Most people procrastinate and say they will clean up their act in time. They are too busy with the pleasures of their daily lives to change today, so they put it off until tomorrow or the next day, week, or year.  For some, tomorrow will never come.

Could this be you? And would you proudly stand for your review?

It doesn’t make any difference if we’re rich, famous, egotistical, blessed, pretty, own a big house, are young, or old. Death is the great equalizer and we will all die.

  Whom have you helped?

Have you ever helped anyone anonymously? Or do you donate to a cause for that instant satisfaction and to get the praise from your peers? Don’t misunderstand me, It is great when you have the money to give to the less fortunate. But I ask this; When you have the money to give, is it really a burden? Is it really inconvenient for you?

Have you gone without food so you could buy it for someone else? I know I haven’t.

See, most people think the phrase “giving and helping,” is all about money. They donate a few bucks here and there, and then they go on living their happy little lives without knowing what their money did for someone.

Wouldn’t it be better if you got to know someone less fortunate, to help them out by getting involved in their life? How about cooking them a good meal with the groceries that you took the time to buy? Or drive them back and forth to town when they can’t afford the gas or are without a vehicle? Maybe you could clean their house or mow their lawn when they are sick? Do you take the time to listen to their problems and hold your comments? Most people feel better just having someone to talk to.

We all are guilty of planning for tomorrow while we are here on earth. Our time on this earth is but a blink of an eye. We easily get caught up in the pleasures of this world. We like to deal with things that we can touch, see, hear, and interact with. Again, I will plead guilty to everything in this post. But I also realized recently, it’s never too late for us to change.

We should be planning for our afterlife. Eternity is a time and place where tomorrow will always come forever and ever. Ask yourself this question every day “Am I ready for my life review and would I stand proudly?”

A good habit to get into, would be every morning when your feet hit the floor, ask yourself; “What have I done with this life God has given me and whom can I help?




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