A Reflection of America

Left Leaning America

Leaning America

This Old Barn reminds me of the United States of America. When she was built, it stood tall and proud. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build her. The blood alone was a result of an estimated 25,000 deaths in the American Revolutionary War.

This was a time when most Americans had moral fiber running thru their veins and were proud of the result of their OWN hard work. A time when the USA had a strong foundation to be built on. A time when an unexpected storm came its way, it would hold strong and protect all that was within her. A time when values, ethics, morals, respect, honesty, and Christian living held it together, like the nails that keep this old barn standing.

Sadly, the winds of change are taking its toll. The once solid foundation has started to erode. The strong shiny steel nails that kept her tall and proud have started to rust and twist. The weathered old boards that once fought against all outside forces are decaying from within.

All this combined has unfortunately caused it to lean to its left, and if it keeps going down the same path, it will soon fall upon itself.