The Question of a Lifetime


          What have you done with the life I gave you?


Have you ever read about a Near Death Experience, also known as NDE?

Its when someone dies and goes to Heaven and returns to tell their story. I have always been fascinated with this subject and over the last few years, I have read hundreds of stories online and read a few books about NDE’s. Youtube is filled with hours of people telling their stories.

You can spend your whole life going to church, hearing about heaven and all the great things that await us after our death. But to listen to someone who has actually been there and experienced the love of heaven is absolutely amazing to me. Continue reading »

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Tis the Season

Its mid-February, and I’m sure most everyone is sick of winter, but spring will be here before you know it. That makes me wonder how many people know or care about how we get our seasons. This is something that has fascinated me ever since I was a kid.

Let’s start with planet Earth and it’s axis. Earth’s axis is an imaginary pole going right through the center of Earth from “top” to “bottom.” This imaginary pole is tilted 23.4 degrees and always points in the same direction. Earth spins around this pole, making one complete turn each day. That is why we have day and night. Just that fact alone is awesome! Everyone gets their fair share. Continue reading »

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A Misconception



To many people, the word “introvert” has a stigma attached to it. Some will translate this word to weird, stuck-up, arrogant, depressed, recluse, mad, unhappy, and hermit.

But if you say the word extrovert, people think, the life of the party, outgoing, friendly, and happy.

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Don’t Blink

From the day we are born, one thing we will all do is age. With all the inventions of mankind, we have not figured out a way to stop the aging process. Lord knows the money Americans spend each year to try and slow the process down. But no matter what you do, Father Time will eventually show up in that reflection in the mirror.
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Spoiled Americans


If you’re a book reader like myself and have read about what goes on in Third World Countries, you may have come to the same conclusion as I have. We Americans are a spoiled bunch.

I recently read a book by war correspondent Kevin Sites. Sites has covered many wars in little countries most people have never heard of. The horrid conditions some people are forced to live in is astonishing. The bloodshed of innocent women and children is commonplace. Husbands and fathers are executed in front of their families because they refuse to join certain rebel factions. Families are forced to live in nothing more than shacks with no electricity and unclean drinking water. And children die from starvation and disease daily. Continue reading »

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A Perfect Childhood


I am often amazed at the reaction I get when I’m talking to someone and tell them I had a “perfect childhood.” They poke and prod and tell me “no way, there had to be a time when it wasn’t so perfect.” Well, I’m sorry, but it was perfect.

I’ll start off by giving my parents all the credit. I could not have asked for a better mom and dad. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and lived in typical neighborhoods on army bases all over the world. I had three sisters, a dog, and a cat. Continue reading »

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Technology, love it or hate it

Like many Americans, I embrace technology. The cell phone and internet are on the top of the list for most people.

I have often wondered how I got along without the internet for 35 years before this mysterious thing crept its way through our telephone lines.

Nearly everything I buy is now online. Just last month, I blew a tire on my classic 67’ pickup on a Sunday afternoon. On Monday, I ordered a new tire online, which was thirty dollars cheaper than the local tire store and I received it the next day. I mount my own tires, so by Tuesday evening, I had a new tire on my truck, saved thirty bucks, and never left the house. Continue reading »

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English Language 101

The Confusion of the English Language


Last night I was helping my son, Jake, with his homework and came across the word “militia,” although the dictionary says it is pronounced |məˈliSHə|. Really? Then why wouldn’t it be spelled with an SH?

That’s my problem with the English language, words like phone, knife, gnat, island, two, colonel, bologna, dossier, reign, know, knot, debris, and listen. Really! What brainiac decided thats the way to spell those words? Continue reading »

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