A Misconception



To many people, the word “introvert” has a stigma attached to it. Some will translate this word to weird, stuck-up, arrogant, depressed, recluse, mad, unhappy, and hermit.

But if you say the word extrovert, people think, the life of the party, outgoing, friendly, and happy.


Sadly, introverted people like me are misunderstood. I’ve had those stigma type words attached to me more than once throughout my life. The problem is, none of those words are true.

Below is something I found on the internet a couple of years ago. It describes introverts to a tee.

See, we’re not so weird after all. That describes us as close as anything I’ve ever read. We’re not mad, depressed or anti-social. We just don’t feel the need to be the center of attention, voted most popular or strutting around like we’re better than everyone else, and guess what…we’re ok with that. 

For most of us, it’s all about the crowds. If I’m with one or two people on a worthy subject, I will talk you to death. But get me stuck in a place full of people and I’ll look for the nearest exit.

We’re deep thinkers, we relish conversations about big ideas, theories, and life. We don’t like getting hammered with a bunch of loaded questions just for the sake of talking. We like being alone, but are never lonely. Group activity is a bad word and solitude is a good one.

To me, perfect vacations are historical places where I can learn something about history. Horrible vacations would be on an ocean cruise, stuck in petty conversations with a bunch of strangers.

We love learning something new, and couldn’t care less about how many Facebook friends you have.We don’t see the fun in going to loud crowded restaurants, where you can’t hear yourself think, when a quiet supper in a corner of a local diner with good conversation is paradise.

When we’re sitting still, our minds are going a hundred miles an hour. Our brains are constantly analyzing, reflecting, creating, processing, planning, and thirsting for knowledge. We can even do this while we pretend to listen to people that talk about trivial matters.

We are never bored when we’re by ourselves and enjoy reading about worthwhile subjects. Just this week, I read a book about the authors and foundations for the writing of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Sound boring? No, I found it quite interesting.

If we call you a friend, you will never find one more loyal. We are good listeners, thoughtful, caring and will stand beside you through thick and thin.

I produce a fishing show in Texas that requires interaction with a lot of people while on location. I work with a great group of guys, and I love every minute of working with them. But I have to admit, when I get back home, I need about two days of solitude to recharge. I laugh when I walk in the door and my wife says “I’ll talk to you in a couple of days after you recharge!”


Probably the most misunderstood thing with introverts is the fact that people think we’re unhappy or mad. I despise getting labeled like that. I can promise you I’m probably happier than most. It just may not show on my face, but I will always have an inward smile for you. 

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