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I saw the Light… Well maybe not

Have you ever thought about light? It’s something we use in our everyday life, from flipping a  switch to brighten up a room or to see the road as we drive along at night. 

As far as I know, all plant life needs light to live and grow.

Would it surprise you to learn that light is invisible?

Last night was a foggy night and I had to go out to the barn using a flashlight to see my way, as I was walking across the yard I noticed the beam of light that was cast from the flashlight was illuminated from the flashlight to where it hit on the barn.

It got me to thinking. We can see light coming from its source and we can see the light when it hits its source, but unless there is fog or mist or dust in the air to reflect light particles, we actually can’t see the light. 

When I was back in the house, I fired up the computer to do a little reading on the subject and to satisfy my curiosity. 

Sure enough, light is invisible. It is not until the photons hit our eyes that it becomes visible to humans.

So there you have it. The next time you hear the song “I saw the light”, in reality, he should be saying, “I saw the light source.” 

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